Quinta do Lago

Ref: DM - Villa 0129ANQDL

Licença Nº 

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Beautiful modern 4+1 bedroom  villa, located in a quiet area of Quinta do Lago. The villa has one large swimming pool and is fully furnished to a high standard, with air conditioning in all divisions as well as cable TV, DVD and  Internet.

The ground floor accommodation includes entrance hall, 2 twin bedrooms each with en-suite bathrooms / shower. 1 W/C for visitors, office, dining area, pool table, spacious and comfortable lounge with view and access to pool, beautiful and spacious kitchen (fully equipped).

The first floor includes a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and a private terrace that overlooks the pool area, golf views and 1 twin bedroom with en-suite bathroom/shower with large terrace that also overlooks the pool area, golf views.

There is a basement including  1 double bedroom (with window) and en-suite shower. games room (table tennis) in the garage, gym, Turkish bath, bathrooms, laundry area.


Excellent out door facilities.  Large pool. Exterior kitchen totally equipped with BBQ area with sitting area near the pool.